How to Choose the Right Home Inspector

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How to choose the right Home Inspector (Charlotte, NC)- So you’ve made the decision to take the plunge. You hired a Realtor, did all your homework, found the right neighborhood, a beautiful two-story with a pool and now it’s time to make sure that your new dream home has a clean bill of health. You took your Realtors advice and now you are ready to hire a Home Inspector. Now you find yourself researching how to find the right home inspector.

If you are like me, you want to make sure you are getting your money’s worth when you are paying for a product or service. Here is a list of questions you may want to ask, should you choose to interview 3 Home Inspectors:

What is your Background?


A Home Inspector may have several years experience as an Inspector but if not, you might want to know what experience they had before going into the Home Inspection Industry. A background in Real Estate, Construction or Residential Home Building will be beneficial if they are new to the industry.


How much will my Home Inspection Cost?


A typical Home Inspection will cost a Buyer anywhere from $300-$600. This may vary based on a variety of factors including: size of the home, age of the property, and a number of specialized inspections such as Radon Inspection, Termite Inspection or a Crawl Space Inspection. If a Home Inspection is beyond this price range, you may want to inquire as to why. It wouldn’t hurt to interview three Home Inspection Companies before making your decision. A townhome or condominium may be a little less but still within close proximity to said pricing.

Are you a member of a professional organization related to Home Inspection?


A qualified Home Inspector usually is a member of an organization related to their field. In the case of Home Inspection, the following are a list of reputable organizations:

The American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI)

The International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (interNACHI)

The National Association of Home Inspector (NAHI)

If the Home Inspector is not a part of any of these organizations, you may want to inquire about their credentials, education or experience.


How long will the Home Inspection take?


A typical home inspection should take anywhere from 2-4 hours. Although this is typical, inspection times may vary based on the size of the home or the age. An older or a larger home may take a little longer. You may want to steer clear of a Home Inspector who emphasizes to be in and out within an hour or two, as this may be an indication that the Inspector may not be very thorough in his/her inspection.

May I be present during the Inspection?


There is no reason why an Inspector should refuse having the Buyer present during an Inspection. If you are dealing with a Home Inspector who refuses to have you present, this should be a red flag. As a paying customer, you should be able to be there during the inspection and ask questions throughout the process. It should be noted that it may be a good thing that your Home Inspector allows you to be present, however keep in mind too many distractions may alter the accuracy of his/her findings. A good rule of thumb is to express your concerns before the inspection begins, and to go over the inspectors findings afterwards, so that you may better understand the report once you receive it.


How will you provide me with your findings after the inspection is complete?


A  Home Inspector should provide you with a detailed report of their findings after the completion of their inspection. Some states require that a report be provided within 3 days of the inspection, but this may vary depending upon which state you are in or what is included in the Inspection Agreement that was provided. A good Home Inspection company will usually offer to have the report to you in 24 hours.

By now, you should be comfortable in how to choose a Home Inspector. Having these questions will allow you to better understand who you are hiring, and be a great segway for the Home Inspector to elaborate on their qualifications. A new Home Buyer may be better served to hire a Realtor and a Home Inspector to navigate through real estate purchasing process. Hiring a professional to guide you through the process of buying and examining the home of your dreams could possibly save you thousands of dollars and countless hours of time and research. A new home purchase can and should be an exciting venture, hopefully the information provided herein will afford you the opportunity to have such an experience.

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